Phrozen Sonic XL 4K

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System:                         Phrozen OS
Operation Panel:         5 inch touch screen
Slicer Software:           FormWare Phrozen Edition
Connectivity:               USB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi

Resin 3D Printer 4K LCD
Light Source:                405nm ParaLED®Matrix3.0
XY Resolution:              50μm (0.035mm)
Layer Thickness:          0.01 - 0.3mm
Printing Speed:             200mm / h
Power Requirement:    AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Printer Size:                     L33 x W29 x H47 cm

Printer Volume:              L19 x W12 x H20 cm
Printer Weight:              19.5 kg

2,350.00 €

4K LCD with 8.9'' Build Area

8.9'' LCD is highly heat resistant increasing it's lifetime to over 2000h. Curing up to 0.2 seconds per layer to maximize speed.

Wireless File Transfer

Sonic XL 4K can be connected  to your router via Wi-Fi to transfer files to start printing within 3 clicks. Fill the vat with resin and you are ready to go.

High Precision

4K resolution technology specifically designed for 3D printing offering microscopic precision.

High Volume Printing

Big printing area allows to print small and medium sized models to expand your possibilities and range of what you can do.

FormWare Phrozen Edition

Sonic XL 4K comes with processing software that empowers designers to work efficiently by providing automatic error detection and printing multi-floor structures to maximize printing output. Premium support and editing also provided.

Open Material System

Compatible not only with ALL LCD resins , but also with DLP resins, including bio-compatible materials. Sonic XL 4K comes with resin settings for NextDent , HarzLab , KeyStone , Dreve and Enlighten & Dentona resins.