Phrozen Water-Washable Dental Model

Phrozen Resin Water-Washable Dental Model is specifically developed to rapidly produce highly accurate dental models. The material delivers a high level of post-curing accuracy with minimum shrinks. Its water-washable formulation makes it easy and safe to handle even in office environments, providing comfort for both patients and practitioners. With more than 90% of variation with ±0.05mm tolerance, Water-Washable Dental Model Resin shows an incredibly high accuracy when scanned and compared with the actual STL file, making it reliable for detailed diagnostic models.

  • Volume: 1 KG
  • Viscosity: 60-100 cps
  • Density: 1.1 g/cm3
  • Surface hardness: 76 Shore D
  • Flexural modulus: 1542 MPa
  • Flexural strength: 65.7 MPa

124.95 €