Graphy Surgical Guide SG-100


S-Plastic SG-100 is the material for producing a surgical guide which is fully reached the material requirement for the dental application such as the strength and material safety. It has no contortion or shrinkage after printing and it is stable from the impact and vibration of drilling during implant surgery. It is also a high heat-resistance material (HDT 130℃), so can be heat-sterilized. Therefore, it can avoid any infection that may occur during implant surgery.
S-Plastic SG-100 is a bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic material which acquired KFDA and CE medical device certification.

200.00 €
  • biocompatible resin - CE Certified as Class I
  • approved by - KFDA and CE
  • non-toxic
  • hypoallergenic material
  • no odor
  • can be sterilized and disinfected in an autoclave
  • not affect the dimensional stability after autoclave
  • high heat-resistance
  • fast curing speed
  • ideal for surgical guides

Technical Specification

  • Volume: 1kg
  • Color: Clear
  • Viscosity: 500 ± 30 cps

  • Surface Hardness: Shore ≥ 90 D
  • Flexural Strength: ≥ 110 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: ≥ 2500 MPa
  • Elongation: ≤ 10%
  • Impact Strength: ≥ 3000 J/m2

NOTE. A perfect workflow is needed to achieve a good final result (mechanical properties, color). Correct pre- and post-processing with compatible software and hardware is essential. Please check the product that is recommended by Graphy for the correct post-processing process - 

Graphy Cure M.

For the information regarding the Graphy Cure M unit contact our support. /